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Check cookies


All purpose flour 100 g

Butter 80 g

Canola oil 20g

Sugar 70 g

Milk Chocolate 30 g

Egg 1

Starter(Wild yeast) 30 g or baking powder 3 g



*Pull out a tea spoon of egg white from egg, for later using to stick dough.*

Mix Butter+Oil+sugar+*Egg* in a Bowl. Then add flour and starter(instead of baking powder)

Split the dough to half, add melted chocolate to one of the half dough.


Now you have two dough, chocolate & white.

Roll the each dough about 1 cm thick.

Using knife cut the flat dough 1 cm width.



You have now several Stick shape of dough.

Stick together  1 white dough and 1 chocolate dough with egg white. But not too much push, It can be damaged. And make it one more then stick together both matching the color alternatively.





Set up the oven 360F.

While oven is heated, Cut them slice. after slice you can shape them pushing or touching.

arrange them on a pan. The dough has already lots of oil, so you may not need to coat the pan.

Put the pan in refrigerator for about 5 Min. It`s for butter harden.






Put the pan in heated oven for 15-18 Min.



Enjoy with a cup of coffee or hot tea. 🙂

I keep it in refrigerator, for more crispy and hard texture also long-lasting.


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