Sausage Roll & Sausage Twist




120g All Purpose Flour

50g Water

80g Starter(100% hydration)- If you use dry yeast (3g yeast + 20g water add)

5g Melted Butter

5g Canola oil

5g Sugar

1/2 Onion

1/4 Green Bell Pepper

3 Sausages (I used 1  for Roll, 2 for Twist)


— Making Dough



1. Mix Water, Flour, Starter, Melted Butter, Oil, Sugar all in a bowl together thoroughly.

2. Beat and stretch batter for about 5 Minute. It can help to increase your batter perfectly and faster.

3. wait until dough rise double sized. It depends on thermometer, humidity, starter condition taking 2-6 hours.




4.When dough rise and ready to use, scatter flour little bit on the board because It can be sticky, then take out the dough on the board and punch to reduce gas.



Making Sausage Twist and Sausage RollMaking Sausage Twist

  1. Roll out the dough as long circle as much as covering a sausage.
  2. Place a sausage on it and cover.
  3. cut the sausage dough covered half centimeter thick.(using scissors would be easier)
  4. Spread cut pieces alternatively (It`s Ok with little stretching)
  5. Move sausage dough into pan
  6. put some chopped pepper, onion on the dough and sprinkle ketchup & Mayo.
  7. Bake in 360F oven for 15-20 Minutes.

Making Sausage Roll

  1. Roll out dough thin and wide.
  2. Spread ketchup and Mayonnaise.
  3. Put chopped bell pepper and onion and sausage on the flat dough.
  4. Roll up the dough and pinch the edge to prevent it unfold.
  5. Cut the Roll 2 – 3 Centimeter thick. If it is sticky, scatter little bit of flour on it before cutting.
  6. Move cut pieces on a pan and bake 360F oven for around 20 minutes.




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