Asian eyes+Eyelash extension=double eyelid?

Before get eyelash extension
After get eyelash extiension

Many of asian has no folded-eyelid. And they want to get it so some people get plastic surgery to get double eye-lids.
Here`s pictures I posted is a example of before and after have double eye-lids but DID NOT GET SURGERY. She just got eyelash extension sleeping about 1 hour.
It is because her eye lid is thin and fake eyelashes little heavier-not as much uncomfortable though-and It gets weight. Fresh Experience! isn`t it?.
But that means not for everybody, only a few people get. (It`s on me too :))
By the way, Eyelash extension is fabulous. Just get it once, you can keep your eyelashes over weeks, It makes your eyes deep and gorgeous, effects putting eye make-up on, you aren`t look tired anymore 🙂
If you have never tried it before, you should try it on someday. You will save time for eye make-up every busy morning.