Crystal Ball Nail Art

This nail art which I am going to post is UNIQUE.

It is appropriate for spring / summer because It looks like aqua crystal ball.


It is made from Clear Gel which is hard type. I made this using thick straw, putting the straw in a Gel and take out from it then blow little bit. and cured in UV lamp directly.

IMG_20160817_184757_HDR (1)

You can put anything you want in the crystal ball such as glitters, rhyme stones, gems…

and fill with it oil using injector. This stage is little intricate because when oil is surround the nail body, it is hard  to cure with Top gel, thus after finish this will still lick all over.


You should finish the edge of the crystal with hard gel and coat thoroughly several times.

However When you done you can have own your aquarium on your nails.

Maybe I should try this snowy crystal ball in next winter.



Making “Sponge Bob” with Acrylic Powder

😀 It was begun accidentally as my Sponge Bob Lamp was broken so I just had to watch it as just a statue.
I just tried to make it first with wire and finally fill it, paint it and Coat it. Done.

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I made a my new toy with nail products 🙂 actually acrylic paints is not only for nail art, so This figure is between nail skill and some part of art. I guess.
Hope you enjoy it.


Mix Marbled Flower Violet&Yellow



It was what I was enjoying for my daily nails over last spring/summer season 🙂
The violet&Yellow was my First attempt and next it was removed and changed to other colors.

I usually locate nail parts on the middle of the pattern because It has little marks from when I make marble pattern. It`s for hiding them actually though.. who cares, even more gorgeous.